Stanford Health Care's nursing care delivery system is person-centered and guided by Jean Watson’s, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN Theory of Human Caring (Caring Science). Dr. Watson's theory seeks to deepen our understanding of universal, ethical, and person-centered caring and healing for self, others, and systems.  Caring Science also serves as foundational covenant, guiding nursing practice as both a discipline and a profession. Caring Science Ten Caritas Processes® serve as the core of nursing providing a deeper meaning and work of nursing.  The Caritas Processes® provide guidelines, giving structure and language to what we do while honoring the human dimensions of our work and the subjective experiences of the people we serve every day (Sitzman & Watson, 2013). The Caritas Processes® represent the philosophical foundation of the science of human caring and illuminate how we engage in caring and healing through the art and science of our work through the themes of loving-kindness, compassion, authentic presence, transpersonal relationships, co-creation, healing environments, caring-healing modalities, and transformation. 


Stanford Health Care (SHC) Caring Science journey began in 2007 with a purposeful mission to deepen the understanding of Caring Science through the intentional integration of theory-guided practice principles into the fabric of the organization. The Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) and Dr. Jean Watson recognized Stanford Health Care as a National Watson Caring Science Affiliate System™ in 2015 for exemplary integration of caring theory and leadership commitment to Caring Science practices. Focusing on praxis,  research, education, , and legacy, Stanford Health Care has led a number of initiatives and specific activities that have defined our Caring Science Strategy over time: 

  1. PRAXIS recognizes exemplary professional caring practice guided by Watson Caring Science theory, values, philosophy and science

  2. RESEARCH promotes participation and dissemination in Clinical Caring Scholarship and Research

  3. EDUCATION translates and integrates evidence of the Watson Caring Science Philosophy and learning/teaching methods into curriculum development

  4. LEGACY keeps Caring Science alive by sustaining the healing environment culture of caring for staff, colleagues, patients/family and community

Sustaining the healing environment culture of caring for staff, colleagues, patients/family and community

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